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The leaderboard is now closed. Any additional donations are purely to help improve the documentary film. Thank you!

A huge thank you to our executive producer KNTX for leading the film and believing in this film from the beginning. We also have an amazing team of producers in BIGK and RG3

We so appreciate your support in helping us meet our initial production budget and more.  Crypto is a space that many don’t take seriously. So it is of the utmost importance that this film is produced in a way that turns heads and makes people pay attention.

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You are still welcome to support our film. All donations include the option of having your name or avatar listed in the special thanks of the film's credits. You can donate in any of the following cryptocurrencies – ETH, HEX, USDC.


The top three contributors, by a single donation, are listed below. In addition to a special call-out in the movie credits, they’ll receive VIP tickets to the official premiere of The Highest of Stakes.
100,033 USDC
225,000 HEX
170,000 HEX